The Internet is all-a-Twitter

     To Tweet, or not to Tweet… in 280 characters… that is the question. (With apologies with The Bard) Are you able to convey your thoughts in 140 characters? If this blog were a Tweet, it would have stopped after the ‘s’ in thoughts. In the future, you may be able to double that, if Twitter rolls out a 280 character limit to all users. Some accounts have been selected to take part in a test, and already experience the higher count. Will Twitter lose it’s unique standing in the social media maelstrom if it’s users are no longer limited to 140 characters? Or will the service find new users and uses for the longer Tweets?
    Some are chomping at the bit for the increase, but others fear the unique nature of Twitter will be lost. Those who post long ‘threads’ will no doubt enjoy the ability to have each Tweet be twice as long as before, but those who appreciate brevity may be disappointed by the higher limit. One suspects grammarians and English teachers might applaud the higher count, if for no other reason than to reduce some of the carnage done to the English language to make thoughts fit within the 140 limit.
    In the meantime, most of us will continue to come up with new abbreviations, and find other creative ways to keep our Tweets no longer than 140 characters. If Twitter gives all of us 280 characters to play with, let’s hope we make good use of them.



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